Glass Recycling in New York and New Jersey

While Cardella is committed to providing convenient, affordable service to our customers, we’re also serious about protecting the environment. When you partner with us to recycle excess and broken glass, you’ll reduce the waste stream, improve facility safety and impact the ecosystem. After collecting glass from your warehouse, facility or construction site, we process it at our 24,000-square-foot New Jersey recycling facility. Salvageable byproducts are delivered to manufacturers for eco-friendly reuse, so your glass becomes something new instead of ending up in overburdened landfills.


Call Cardella representatives today to inquire about recycling consulting services in New York or New Jersey, or to schedule a prompt glass, concrete or plastic pick-up. e’ve all become aware of the pressing need to protect our environment. The affects of using more natural resources at a greater pace than they are replenished include poor air quality, polluted waters, endangered wildlife and compromised food sources. Global warming, caused by carbon emissions into the atmosphere, has accelerated, while the average carbon footprint per individual in the U.S. has risen to about 20 tons1 per year. By comparison, it takes the 100-year lifetime of a single tree to offset just one ton of toxic carbon dioxide2 in the air. Reuse and replenishment are key strategies in our efforts to protect the environment. Cardella Waste Services is part of the effort. Recognizing their industry’s potential for addressing environmental impact issues, Cardella Waste Services takes the initiative in meeting today’s more sophisticated waste management requirements. They operate a fully equipped materials recovery and recycling facility that recovers recyclables from the waste stream and delivers the material to manufacturers for reuse. Licensed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), the facility includes a 20,000 sq. ft. building on 5 acres conveniently located in North Bergen, NJ, half a mile outside New York City. Through recycling, the company joins the fight to save trees and other natural resources. But Cardella Waste Services goes several steps further. Specialists in waste removal for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) construction projects, they are a member of the Green Building Council and the Association of New Jersey Recyclers, and are fully committed to earth-friendly practices for a greener tomorrow. They were chosen to work on the first sustainable skyscraper in New York City, the Conde’ Nast Building, helping to set the standard for waste recycling practices used in today’s LEED certified projects. Partnering with many of the larger New York and New Jersey construction projects that are building green by following LEED requirements, Cardella Waste Services’ New York City projects also include One Bryant Park, and The Hearst Tower, among several others. “Protecting the environment through sustainability practices is a simple concept, but a difficult task when given the enormity of our environmental situation,” says David Cardella, vice president, Sales and Marketing. “That’s what makes oversight so important.

We’re fortunate to have agencies to set measurement and tracking requirements for construction and waste management so we can measure our success in protecting the environment, making sure we’re living up to standards.”A perfect partner for builders of sustainable buildings, Cardella Waste Services’ materials recovery facility recycles up to 85% of solid waste from individual construction projects. And, an important distinction for green builders, they provide documentation on the amount of waste that was successfully diverted from landfills in accordance with LEED guidelines. “Our facility is fully equipped to weigh incoming waste, prepare it for recycling, and weigh the remaining waste for LEED documentation on percentages reclaimed and percentages sent to landfills,” notes Cardella.